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Papa ᴖᴥᴖ <3 2008- January 2013
*..*..My love for you grows each day*..*..*

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soo its been a while since I came back to tumblr for some reason i couldn’t get on my account for ages! Anyways, me and my pa are finally together after 5 years of our “online relationship” we are happy and in love! I can’t wait to hopefully keep checking onto this blog.

Kisses ^-^

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The females (More or less) of the Clown Babiez universe in the cartoon. From left to right we got: Ms. Douglas (Teacher), Lana Z. (Slick Click), Dixie (Clown Baby), Serena (Clown Baby), Bubblez (Clown Baby), Roze (Clown Baby), Jahmin (Slick Click), Mina (Clown Baby), Jillian Williams (Mother of Oogey &amp; DeShawn Williams). The males are coming soon :D Enjoy y’all.

This cartoon looks amazing! Props to the artist i cant wait to see it come to life

“Princess you need to lay down and watch your movie while I work. See Mr. Bear is laying down. Why don’t you join him?… If you you don’t settle down I will have to spank you and put you to bed with no ice cream… I promise I will come join you as soon as I am done.”

Lady puppy

can i be your present pa? o.o

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Hey guys

Long time no speak. I am alive, went on a bit of a downhill depression cycle idk I couldnt come on here anymore, my anxiety was through the roof, but im healing…slowly. I am still a little but its settled a bit down for me as all these “adult” responsibilitys are being forced in me . In a few months I’ll be with pap and we’ll start our life together. 

Bye for now <3 


if you don’t have room for a banana dolphin on your blog, you’re running the wrong kind of blog.